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The 2018 – 2019 Texas Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR) Summary – Leverage our expertise and find opportunities now!

GOVantage developed a summary of the Texas agency appropriations requests filed with the Legislative Budget Board in August through September 2016. The analysis researched literally thousands of pages of agency submittals to extract agency IT capital project requests for 2018-2019. It will help readers quickly find what projects will be addressed in the upcoming legislative session starting January 2017. See how much money agencies are requesting and helpful information about agencies’ background, mission, and organization. We even provide helpful links that will bring you deeper and help you learn more.

Don’t sift through thousands of pages of budget detail. Use what our professionals have already done for you. Our report focuses on the top agencies that represent over 85% of the State’s spending plus a select set of smaller agencies.

The report is complimentary upon purchasing an initial consultation with GOVantage.

GoVantage graphic - research making life better for clients

GoVantage graphic - research making life better for clientsComplimentary with first consultation for $995

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